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Celebrate National Dress Day with Labels Greenville Consignment


National Dress Day

National Dress Day is a wonderful opportunity to honor the stories woven into our favorite dresses and garments. It's a day that invites us to reminisce about the joy, the milestones, and the simple everyday moments that our clothing has witnessed. At Labels Greenville Consignment Boutique, we believe every dress has a narrative, a past life that adds depth and character, making each piece uniquely special.

A Tapestry of Memories

Our store in Greenville is not just a treasure trove of high-quality, pre-loved fashion—it's a collection of stories and memories, waiting to find new life with you. National Dress Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate these stories and perhaps add your own. Whether it's a vintage gown that whispers tales of yesteryear soirees or a chic modern dress that's just waiting to make new memories, each piece in our collection has its own history.

Sustainable Style

Celebrating National Dress Day also aligns with our ethos of sustainability. By choosing consignment, you're not only embracing unique style but also making an environmentally conscious decision. Rehoming and reloving dresses gives them extended life, reduces waste, and lessens the demand for fast fashion. It's a choice that says you care about the planet as much as you do about style.

Share Your Story

This National Dress Day, we invite you to join us in a celebration of memories and fashion. Share your own dress story on social media—whether it's a beloved piece you found at Labels or a cherished dress you're planning to consign with us. Use the hashtag #LabelsDressDay to join the community conversation and connect with fellow fashion aficionados.

Discover Your Next Favorite

Visit us in-store or online at Labels Consignment Boutique to explore our curated collection. You might find a stunning cocktail dress that becomes your go-to for special occasions, a breezy summer dress that accompanies you on future adventures, or perhaps a sophisticated sheath that becomes your secret weapon in the boardroom.

In honor of National Dress Day, we're also offering an exclusive array of new arrivals at amazing prices—on our website or in-store. It's our way of saying thank you for embracing sustainable fashion and for letting us be a part of your style journey.

National Dress Day is more than just a celebration of dresses; it's a homage to the memories they hold and the sustainable choices we can make for our planet. Join us at Labels Consignment Boutique in commemorating this special day. Rediscover the joy of fashion, share your own story, and perhaps find a new dress that speaks to you, ready to be part of your life's next chapter.

Let's celebrate the beauty, the stories, and the sustainable choices this National Dress Day. See you at Labels!